lyn taylor adventure travel

Lyn is an amazing adventurer who has been taking women on adventures to Nepal and beyond for over 20 years. I met her when she was working with Lindfield East Public school to raise funds for schools in Nepal, taking funds and used uniforms to help these remote schools. Our relationship has continued through her experience in the earthquake of 2015 and her fundraising efforts to help rebuild schools and facilities in the villages and families that she cares so deeply for.

The website has been through various iterations  over the years as her product has adapted. The latest version incorporates her long running travel blog to take full advantage of the Search Engine optimisation (SEO ) benefits of the regularly updated and engaging content

Lyn regularly sends her Trek Talk newsletter to current and potential clients giving news of her latest travel and special offers on upcoming tours. We design  these beautiful emails for her and manage her ever growing mailing list adding easy sign up directly from her website and Facebook page.

To connect with her friends and clients we created a Facebook business page for Lyn advising on content and integrating it with her website. We have also set up a YouTube channel to share video of her travels.

Visit her website if you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Mongolia, China, India, Vietnam, Peru, Argentina, Europe, Sri Lanka, Bali and more .